Anamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters,

A text-based simulation and role playing game of exploration, warfare, intrigue and romance in a low fantasy, early 20th century environment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Benefits for Maxing Stats and Blog Search Bar

I didn't like how those actions mostly concerned with increasing a stat's level became useless after their top level was reached, so now they give a small bonus if you reached or passed that level.

Events that would normally increase your Resistance or Mobility but you've already mastered will instead decrease your weariness, while those increasing Terror or Intelligence will decrease local tension.

The changes are more concerned with gameplay than realism anyway, so there is no need to dig too deep at any rate. Still, if you want explanations, in the case of physical stats you could think about it as getting the satisfaction of having pushed your limits and a slight increase in performance, while events increasing Terror and Intelligence would give you access to more practical knowledge that you could use to perform more actions without consequences.

Also, you now have a search bar at your left to make finding specific information or help about certain features in previous posts easier.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blog's URL Change

In a few months, the domain will expire. To continue following the blog, use instead

Notice that instead of switching to the old "anamnesisrm" blospot subdomain as I said a while ago, I decided to instead use "anamnesisgame". It is easier to remember and it seems to be what almost everybody looking for this game types in search engines.

As for the reasons to let the domain expire, there were several. Prices were creeping up and the host proved to be vulnerable, so by not renewing I'll be saving in money and hassles. The only remaining, somewhat active links to the .co domain are those in the bay12forums and tvtropes, which currently get like 3 visits per month each, so for now it's no biggie.

At worst, I assume they'll be corrected shortly after the next release is announced. And even if they don't, it's not like I'd be losing any money because of it.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Trade Monopolies

Because being the world's banker is not enough, in the next version of Anamnesis you'll also be able to establish trading monopolies.

The trading system will now have another layer of depth, that of competing against other rival licensed traders. You'll be shown in the trade menu how many other traders are currently licensed to trade with any particular family of goods, with strong tendencies tending to be more crowded. These traders take away a tiny part of your profits, so a very crowded market will be less profitable than a relatively empty one, but that's as far as the bad news go.

As tendencies change, perhaps by your own hands pulling the right political strings, traders might either acquire new licenses or allow unprofitable ones to expire. If perchance you happen to find yourself the sole licensed trader of a particular type of good, you'll own a monopoly and make about twice as much profit from ferrying the goods.

At that moment you might want to pull some more strings to raise the tendency again and increase your profits, but those pesky traders will once again want a piece of the cake. Unfortunately for them, from your vantage point, you'll be able to bar new traders from entering your market by spending Merits to cancel the granting of each would-be new license, so as long as you have Merits to spare you'll be able to maintain your monopolies.

This should make trading more interesting and give merchant venturers and business-oriented governors a new background goal to strive for.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Terrain Anomalies and Destruction Tweaks

Just a quick note on the latest tweaks I felt like doing.

On the one hand, when a terrain is destroyed either because of an anomaly or weariness, a percentage of the population will die or be forced to relocate outside of the colony as a consequence. This will depend on the amount of territories still available, so that losing one or 2 or even half of them won't have a catastrophic event, but when you're down to 2 or 3 territories still standing within the colony you might end up losing half the population when one of them is destroyed.

On the other hand, on a more positive note, other lobbies and authorities will now try to take care of anomalies, so the burden won't solely rest upon the player's shoulders anymore. This means that an unattended anomaly will not just automatically trigger a disaster, but might instead be fixed about half the times.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tendencies Event Effects

A small addition to the ongoing effort to make tendencies shape life within the colony further, tendencies will now increase or decrease the chances of certain events being available when you visit territories.

For example, if the Farming tendency is under 5, jobs such as those of farmhand will be less often available in any territory, you might not even get them at all in some areas if the value is low enough. Just the same, if the Aesthetic tendencies of the colony are high you can get creative jobs as painter and the like more often. A high Militarism will allow you to buy weapons more easily, Seafaring will affect how available boats are, Bushcraft will affect how often you meet beasts in the wilderness, Tourism will increase the number of street performers, etc.

As a side note, for the larger units to appear during rituals or contract offers, you will now require upgraded homebases. Tier 3 units such as detachments and most ships will require at least a Hideout/Outstation, while tier 4 units such as the Leviathan Class Dreadnought and The Terror from the Deep will require a Dungeon/Fortress. The rest, individuals and small groups, will still be readily available for all bases. It just makes sense for larger units to require a certain level of infrastructure after all.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Training for Enemy Units

I've been doing some testing lately to see how those overseas lobbies behaved and thus noticed a couple of things.

First of all, the player's automatic ability to train units without weariness and the enemy's lack of such an ability created a progressive imbalance after a few cycles, making the game easier on the long run. To attempt to fix this, all remaining enemy units will get an experience boost at the end of each cycle. Units working for lobbies (both enemy and allied ones) will earn even more experience than those in territories, so there is another reason to clear territories and remove as many enemy lobbies as possible before ending a cycle. While at it, I also made occupying enemy units display the training text instead of the idling one when the territory is at 0 weariness.

The second thing I noticed while testing, which is the one that surprised me the most, is that the game is actually kind of fun to play and well worth some more work. This is something I actually keep forgetting every once in a while for some reason.

Of course, it is not just lack of motivation that is causing the current dry spell, and I won't be bothering you with the details, but actually getting some enjoyment from developing the game once again is certainly a step in the right direction.